Exclusively Criminal Defence

Trial Advocacy

Somek Law is exclusively a criminal defence practice, including trial advocacy at the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice, as well as Provincial Offence trials and appeals. 


Effective advocacy for all manner of offences from traffic violations to murder and everything in between:

  • mischief offences

  • breaches

  • uttering threats

  • impaired driving, including: drug impaired, impaired by alcohol and over 80

  • assaults, including: simple assault, assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm

  • fraud

  • sexual assault 

  • break and enter

  • forcible confinement

  • robbery

  • extortion

  • drug offences including: possession, trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking and production

  • firearm offences

  • criminal organization offences

  • attempted murder

  • manslaughter

Bail and Bail Reviews

Representation for bail hearings, bail variations and assistance with bail reviews is also available. 

Charter Applications

Raising Charter issues, for example, with respect to the conduct of the investigation in your case may be an effective means of defending a criminal charge. For more information, please contact Somek Law.